An Invitation to join with others
investigating the Life of Jesus

Not many people have billions of followers after 2000 years. But Jesus does. He’s had an undeniable impact on history in almost every culture in the world.

But do you know the real Jesus?

The Life of Jesus is a 6 week DVD course. You can ask questions, discuss, or you can just watch and listen. Get a taste of the course at

Starting: Wednesday evenings starting October 2010
Where: Mitchelton Presbyterian Church Auditorium, 40 Ruby Rd Mitchelton
Cost: Free

Perhaps you’re a skeptic who thinks Jesus’ followers blindly believe in him. Maybe you’re curiously attracted to the ethics of Jesus, but haven’t met the man behind them. Or, you might be a follower of Jesus, but after many years your picture of Jesus differs from what He was really like.

In our six week course, “The Life of Jesus”, John Dickson looks at the real Jesus through the eyes of an historian, tackling the historical questions and showing why Jesus has a unavoidable impact, not just in history, but on your life even today.

Over six weeks, you’ll get a one hour session which includes DVD segments from The Life of Jesus documentary (as screened on Channel 7) with a session guidebook. There’s no pushy sales pitch – just an opportunity to see the real Jesus of history.

If you want to find out more, contact us here.

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